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Our Services

HR & IR Services

  • General HR Advice & Opinions

  • Contracts of Employment and Services

  • Employment Agreements (Reviews & New Hires)

  • Job Description Creation (Traditional and Result-based)

  • Recruitment and Selection Procedures 

  • HR & IR Audits

  • Policy Manual Formulation/Policy Writing

  • HR Processes & Systems Advice/Support & Consultation

  • Leave Administration Support

Tailor-Made HR & IR Solutions and Consultations

Industrial Relations and Mediation of Employee Issues

  • Industrial Relations Advice & Opinions

  • Employee Relations (Disciplinary Letters, Warnings, Suspensions, Dismissal Letters)

  • Employee Discipline and Relevant Documentation

  • Grievance Handling (In House, Ministry of Labour, Industrial Court, Equal Opportunities Commission, Trade Unions etc.)

  • Trade Union Correspondence Letters

  • Training & Development Advice/Support & Consultation

  • Creation of Performance Appraisals

  • Performance Management Documentation

  • Training Managers on Performance Management & How to Appraise

  • Training Sessions (Sales, Customer Service, HR, etc)

Training and Development

  • Big Data Analysis and Big Data Handing / Presentation

  • Data Entry and Analysis & Presentation

  • General Business Letter Writing

  • Website Design

General Business Support

Areas of Business
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