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Branford HR Solutions is an affordable one-stop HR Solutions firm which prides itself on passion, quality service delivery and exceeding client expectations each and every time. Branford HR Solutions was founded under the guiding principles and fairness, ethical practice while invariably doing its part to return the ‘human” aspect to the human resources management function. We will provide tailor-made HR business support and advice on modern HR issues faced by organisations. Our company is focussed on handling matters from identification of the issue to implementation of the solution and feedback mechanisms.


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Ever had a moment where a word file literally made you stop and smile? Send your resume to Branford HR Solutions and you'll find out. It's quite a rewarding feeling. I sent my resume to the company for a much-needed face-lift. I haven't really edited or updated mine in quite some time and I have been seeking new career opportunities. When I received the finished product, I literally was in awe. BHRS illustrated a side of my CV that I had no idea existed. It gave that boost of confidence to submit to companies that I didn't think I could apply to. I am overly excited about opportunities to come just off my resume face-lift. I cannot thank you enough. Amazing work from the BHRS team.

Danielle Smith-Hanna

Banking Professional


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